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Gel Washing Hands Regenerating Algae of The Atlantic and Magnesium - REN Skincare


The gel washing hands regenerating REN Skincare cleans and moisturizes hands with each washing. The epidermis is apaisé and rich in minerals thanks to the magnesium. It is perfectly purified and protected with extracts of algae of the Atlantic. The association of essential oils, energy drinks, leaves a delicate fragrance on hands softer.

Who is it for ? All skin types

Advice of use : Take a knob of product in your hands, gently massage with water and rinse.

The + product : natural Products, paraben-free.

Capacity : 300ml

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Its extracts of algae of the Atlantic, rich in potassium, sodium, calcium and magnesium, helps to retain water and thus promote hydration and protect the skin.

The extract of Plankton re-pulp the skin, restores radiance and contains active anti-stress and anti-wrinkle.

The magnesium PCA gives life and enables the epidermis. It also helps to calm skin irritation as well as muscle pain.

The association of essential oils anti-fatigue REN sage, rosemary, geranium and cypress, fight stress and fatigue.

FeaturesAnti-bacterial, Softening, Soothing, Detoxifying, Moisturizer, Cleaner, Restoring, Regenerating, Relaxing, Conditioner, Repairer
LabelNatural Origin, Paraben-free
GenreWoman, Man
Gamme Ren SkincareThe Algae of The Atlantic and Magnesium
REN Clean Skincare
Two men in search of quality care Ren Clean Skincare has seen the light of day in England in 2000 following the meeting of Antony Buck and Robert Calcraft , two friends who met during their studies at the university. The wife of Antony, who suffered from allergies because of some cosmetics during her pregnancy, the two men developed the...
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