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Mason Pearson

Rake comb - C7 - Mason Pearson


Discipline your hair with the comb detangler Mason Pearson ! Fabriqué hand, you get rid of all your knots gently through his teeth with rounded edges.

Who is it for ? All types of hair

Council of use : Démêlez your hair with the comb detangler Mason Pearson C7

The + product : perfectly adapted to hair afros !

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The démêloir Rake Comb 7 untangles your hair gently while spreading the natural sebum for a smooth silky and shiny. Its large tooth, designed to be suitable for hair afros, promises you a pleasant massage of the scalp.
Mason Pearson
Mason Pearson, an engineer of the hair brush The luxurious hair brush Mason Pearson was established in 1885 by the engineer who gave it its name. After having worked in the 1860s in a manufacture of hair brushes, hand-made, the British Steam Brush Works , it then develops its own system of manufacture. Full of innovation, it invents a...
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