Shampoing solide cheveux gras - Litsée citronnée - Lamazuna Expand


Shampoing solide cheveux gras - Litsée citronnée - Lamazuna

The shampoo solid Litsée citronée is perfect for the hair, fat, small canelé 100 % natural, organic and vegan will revolutionize your daily life : easy to carry, it lasts as long as two bottles of shampoo and does not contain any sulfate !

Who is it for ? The hair greasy.

Directions of use : Rub simply your canelé on hair well wet, it will immediately transform into a rich foam. Massage your hair and then rinse !

The + product : It is 100% natural and lasts for as long as two bottles of shampoo classic !

Scent : Litsée citronée.

Capacity : 55 g

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12,50 €

Shampoos solid Lamazuna are perfect for all those who wish to switch to a shampoo 100% natural and effective.

Shampoos solids do not lose any of the capabilities of a shampoo, ordinary, and lasts as long as two bottles classic ! They are by their small size, easy to carry and slip into any travel bag.

Shampoos solid Lamazuna are vegan, sulfate-free and are made by hand in France. They are made up of herbal ingredients and minerals and have the goal of being waste-free.

The shampoo for hair fat aim at helping the hair to regraisser less quickly than with a shampoo classic.

ScentLitsée citronée
LabelBio, Without alcohol, Made in France
GenreMan, Woman
Lamazuna, which means "Pretty Young Girl" in Georgian, is the promise of a beauty routine environmentally friendly and respectful of the environment. With products 100% natural, vegan and cruelty free, Lamazuna made the pledge to reduce waste associated with our consumption of beauty products. A beautiful reason to be beautiful...
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