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V10 Plus

V10 Plus - Licorice Serum


Licorice V10 Plus serum, formulated by licorice recognized in Herbalism, a calming and anti-inflammatory effect to reduce redness and blemishes caused by allergies and even the Sun. 

Capacity: 10 mL

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The serum Licorice extract (licorice) V10 Plus contains extract of licorice known to have a soothing effect and anti-inflammatory. Licorice is thus an ideal item against irritations and inflammations of the skin. It helps soothe inflammatory acne, and irritations that appear with sunburn or even roughnesses due to allergies.

LANAÏKA is a distributor V10 is no Longer certified.

FeaturesOily Skin, Purifying
TexturesSerum, Lotions, Waters and Elixirs
V10 Plus
V 10 Plus, it is the innovation japan for a skin more than perfect. Designed by Akiko Yokota, the sera are a true rainbow. A eleventh just see the light of day. Serums are developed to be water-based, without mineral oils and are tested by dermatologists. They do not contain neither paraben, nor colors or fragances artificial. They...
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