Baume à lèvres en pot - Cerise - Carmex Expand


Potted - classic - Carmex lip balm


This balm lips in Carmex jar resists wind, sunlight, and water. It is ideal to relieve damaged lips and chapped. It can also be used to set the makeup. 

Your lips are soft and sharp from the first application by removing dead skin cells. 

Ultra moisturizerIt protects your lips sustainably and efficiently. 

No. 1 sales in the USA, this balm is the darling of all stars: it resists water and heat, without tinting your lips.


-Cocoa butter




Capacity: 7.5 g 

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5,00 €

The balm Carmex in the pot is worship and this for generations. The balm hydrates, soothes and relieves lips dry and chapped. It contains a blend of natural ingredients such as the butter of cocoa and lanolin and emollients that give the lips a satin finish perfect !

The more of these lip balms to take with you everywhere ? They are used as a base under red lipstick and blend to perfection with them. they remove the dead skin cells and dry, smooth and satinent the lips. You just have to apply your lipstick !

TexturesBalms, Butters and Waxes
GenreWoman, Man
RoutineTreat, Moisturize
The balm, Carmex, worship for years in the United States, has seen the light of day in 30 years by a pharmacist who wanted to heal the dryness of his lips. Carmen is the promise of a moisturizing balm, but especially repairer, who repairs for a long time. This balm magic is available without odour or fragrance cherry, jar, tube, or stick to...
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