Washable make-up removing wipes - Green Innovation Expand


Washable make-up removing wipes - Green Innovation


Make-up removing wipes Green Innovation are a real revolution for the skin! 

This box of 10 wipes can be used for more than 100 demaquillages, they démaquillent only with water and not attack any skin. 

Economic and ecological, they are washable by hand or machine. 

Box in metal and laundry NET offered. 

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25,00 €

The makeup remover wipes washable brand Lamazuna are made of a fabric very absorbent material that will allow the makeup to adhere very easily.

They are composed of polyester and polyamide and are therefore ideal for sensitive skin.

Just wet a cloth with thewater from the faucet to remove makeup gently. Whether you wear a makeup loaded or light, the wipes remove all of the impurities.
A drop of the product make-up remover can be added on to the wipes if you wear make-up waterproof. Think of the rinse out if necessary in order not to damage the wipes.

What revolutionize your time make-up removal !

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Lamazuna, which means "Pretty Young Girl" in Georgian, is the promise of a beauty routine environmentally friendly and respectful of the environment. With products 100% natural, vegan and cruelty free, Lamazuna made the pledge to reduce waste associated with our consumption of beauty products. A beautiful reason to be beautiful...
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