Putting on make-up, it is above all choosing the right products that correspond to your desires and your needs. In addition to this, LANAÏKA cares about the environment and eco-friendly products. Thus, we propose you cosmetic products that respect the values we stand for. As for lips, for eyes, for brushes, or as it relates to the care, the beauty has become a very important das our company and take care of its lips or its eyes, thanks to brushes adapted is essential.

The make-up, it is the use of cosmetic products that allow you to sublimate them. The beauty then comes into account, and your eyes and your lips will thank you then. So naturally, the market of the make-up interested in (almost) all the girls and is in full boom at this time. Bloggers, beauty, vloggeuses, brands trendy that come on the market, the make-up of lips or eyes or of the skin (brush, care,...) of interest and generates a huge community on the internet and the social networks. Women watch tutorials for makeup for eyes or lips, follow accounts on Instagram for makeup artists known and recognized. Makeup and beauty in general has become to the fashion and perform make-upof eyes or lips-care professionals thanks to the makeup and brushes is within the reach of all !

A good routine make-up starts in the evening when you remove your makeup. The eyes, the lips.. It is very important to clean your skin in depth to your makeup or to apply care in the morning on a healthy skin and cleaned.

The complexion is the basis of a good makeup. BB or CC cream, foundation, primer, concealer and corrector, products that allow you to sublimate your complexion according to your choice and your type of skin. Wear a good complexion you will have a good look throughout the day. Accessories such as the Beauty Blender, sponge n°1 to apply her makeup is all the rage. This egg foam rose has become a cult product in just a few months in the United States and in france. Acclaimed by all fans of makeup and make-up artist, it allows you to evenly distribute makeupfor a complexion zero defects. Followers of contouring and having fed up brushes for the lips or the eyes, or beginners in the application of foundation or concealer, this sponge is made for you ! Beauty is thus at the heart of our society and the sojns conferred to the skin are important

The madness of the eyebrows is gradually invading the whole world (all of it) ! The eyebrows structure the face and play an essential role at the level of the face. This is why taking care of them is important in your routine makeup. You do not have enough hair, or you have too much shaved your eyebrows ? The make-up and beautiful brushes can create eu natural beauty to catch up with all of this and you can get a look of fire.

The eyes should always be properly camouflaged. In effect, the eyes and the lips are the basis of a make-up. Good brushes can have eyes or lips, better makeup and good brushes to facilitate the application of these beauty products for a complete care. The mascara is of course an indispensable tool and must always be applied on your lashes. Then, have fun. The palettes of eyeshadows, the eyeliner, the pencil...there are as many ways of putting on makeup as you wish ! Your beauty depends on it ! The key is to keep a harmony at the level of the make-up and do not make tons. If you do -- disguise it a lot the eyes with a smoky-eyes, for example, keep a mouth nude. The natural beauty is the best !

The lips go hand-in-hand with the eyes. It is important to take care of as you will take care of your complexion. There is a kind of tacit rule. The treatment is very important. If you do -- disguise it strongly your eyes, go lightly on the mouth for a natural beauty, and vice versa. The care of the skin and eyes, therefore, is primoridal. The right brush allows an optimal application of the products ; so Choose your brushes carefully for a beauty optimal ! However, the lips are an asset of beauty and charm in the woman and the makeup sublime your face for an incredible beauty. As well, while others may prefer the red lip gloss, others are going to yield to the tendency of red to the lips dull and dark ! The secret to always have lips at the top and vibrant beauty ? Well moisturize with a lip balm for a beauty optimal !

The make-up, it is safe, has still a long life before him, and reinvents itself every day to please all women !

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