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Eyebrow pencil and gel - Wunderbrow D-fine-Blonde - Wunder2


Try the Eyebrow Pencil & Gel 2-in-1, in order to draw your eyebrows to perfection, while keeping a natural result. The effective and expeditious solution to the line of your dreams.

Who is it for ? Blondes.

The + product : duo Product for a perfect line.

Council of use : slowly raise the tip angle on the basis of the eyebrow for a natural effect. Apply along the eyebrow, then pass the gel to fix the product.

Capacity : Pencil : 0.2 g / Gel : 2.9 g

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29,90 €

The Eyebrow Pencil and Gel, you can keep the original shape of your eyebrows while filling in the holes and drawing it according to your needs and desires.

Opt for this product is long-held that respects the area of your eyebrows, and meets all your small hassles of everyday life with the shape of its tip, adapted to your bow.

Wunder2 has created a gel to hold it in order to keep a perfect color intact for the day, and add fiber to fill your eyebrows.

The success of the semi-permanent makeup The brand Wunder2 upsets the universe's make-up thanks to its leading-edge innovations. His best selling book ? The Wunderbrow , a revolutionary product that all the models are snapped up. It allows you to have eyebrows that are provided and drawn in a minute, and stands between 3 and 4 days,...
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