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Today, the eyebrow shape the beauty of our eyes. It is as well important to pamper yourself for an intense look. There is nothing better for this than the kit proposed by the French brand Talika, which contains a gel grows and natural pigmentation of the eyebrows and tinting eyebrows offered. Using these two products, your brows will be provided and drawn, for a look of doe-guaranteed !

Who is it for ? For all those of you who want to have eyebrows that are provided and well defined.

The + product : 80% of the ingredients in Brow Tintation and 97% of those in the Liposourcils are of natural origin.

Application tips : Apply the gel grows and pigmentation in the morning and evening thanks to a tip in the foam for 28 days. Apply the tint to the eyebrows on the set of your eyebrows, 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the desired effect. Remove the dye remaining using a cotton pad and makeup remover.

Capacity : 10 ml Liposourcils Expert - 4.2 ml Brow Tintation

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Talika is a brand founded in 1948 that specializes in the care of the eyes and of the gaze, the face and the body. The products of Talika aim to reveal the natural beauty of every woman.

The gel grows and natural pigmentation of the eyebrows, Liposourcils expert, is a care that activates the growth of the eyebrows by stimulating the natural pigmentation of these. Day-to-day, the eyebrows are much more dense and thicker. A natural result that makes the look all the more intense.

The dyeing of eyebrows, Brow Tintation, with the extract of the jagua that it contains is coloring the eyebrows to give them more intensity, up to 3 weeks after laying. The dye manages to cover the white eyebrows, and gray.

The gel grows and pigmentation of the eyelashes to be applied morning and evening in cure for a period of 28 days to renew every three months. Simply apply the rubber-foam on your eyebrows for a great result.

To use the dye to your eyebrows, you should apply it on the entire line of the eyebrows. Depending on the hue of your eyebrows and the desired result, let set for between 30 minutes and 1 hour. Then, remove the excess stain with a cotton swab slightly moistened make-up remover. The dye generally lasts for up to 3 weeks. It is possible to renew directly to the stain if the color is not suitable.

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With 60 years of expertise, Talika has established itself as THE brand that has revolutionized the care of eyelashes. Repigment, stimulate the shoot , curl, lengthen your eyelashes... everything is possible thanks to their range of care whose effectiveness and tolerance are recognized in the world. Coup de coeur : The...
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