1001 REMEDIES is a brand created by a young parisian named Sofia. After having realized theimportance of well-being, the impact of the pollution and daily stress, she decided to create 1001 Remedies. It will then turn to a French laboratory in order to create a line of treatments based on essential oils and rare and precious.

Sofia, the designer of the brand decided to create 1001 REMEDIES after a difficult pregnancy. She realized that the well-being is an important thing for the good health of our body and see the positive impact of the pollution and the stress of life on her daughter and herself. Having grown up in Morocco, his country of origin, it is inspired by the remedies of his childhood, and decides to adapt to the air time and the modern woman.

She then addressed his French laboratory known for its essential oils of high quality and unparalleled know-how, and goes in search of the best ingredients possible. Sofia revisits the remedies of his childhood while adding a touch of 21st century.

Faithful to his ideals the creator of the brand 1001 Remedies first decides to offer his remedies to the people dear to him after having managed to re-create with success to which she aspired. Today, Sofia shares with all those who like to feel good and take care of their body, the recipes that she concocted with his team.


1001 REMEDIES using aromatherapy, which uses scents of essential oils for a therapeutic purpose. They are extracted from plants and make natural ingredients and powerful. A major part of the essential oils have anti-infective properties, antiseptic and antiviral. Some are even effective alternatives to antibiotics ! You can also assign properties pain relievers and healing properties.

Products 1001 REMEDIES are composed only of assets 100% natural and organic. These product do not contain paraben, phthalates, animal material, GMO, silicones, or chemical. They are not tested on animals and have the label ”Made in France”.

The brand ensures respect for nature and a commitment to value the work of small farmers. 1001 REMEDIES reverse a percentage of its profits to a cooperative of women in Morocco who is in charge of the production ofArgan oil in order to promote their financial independence.

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