After having spent 10 years at L'oréal Paris, the creator of AKANE had the idea to create his mark duringa trip to Japan.

ORGANIC, and manufactured in France, the brand AKANE respects both your skin and the environment.

Eco responsible, the brand is inspired by the beauty rituals of the japanese : a challengemakeup perfect and a make-up natural and healthy for a skin on the top !

Our favorite : The kit discovery triple challengemakeup ! We test once, and you become completely ADDICTED !

Origin of the brand

Akane is a brand of French origin, created by Aline Foulet. After having spent 10 years at l'oréal, she decided to create Akane, drawing on the beauty products and rituals in asia. Akane wants to be a brand eco-responsible and organic, 100% made in France. During a stay in Japan, Aline Foulet discovers the apple Akane : an apple for anti-oxidant properties ! Akane is born and has the purpose of democratize the asian techniques while remaining effective and true to the values of the brand.

The virtues of the apple Akane

Apple & Leaf® is a collaboration between the company Oléos and Akane, it is 100% natural and blend apples, Akane, leaves of apple trees Akane and the oil of the muscat rosebush. Apple Akane is concentrated in polyphenols, the leaves of the apple tree Akane and their high rate of siéboldine are an effective anti-oxidizing agent and the oil of the muscat rosebush is extremely rich in omega 3 and omega 6 and is known for its properties moisturizing and regenerating !

This mixture provides regeneration and hydration to your skin. Apple & Leaf® is an active ingredient that acts as a shield anti-free radical, perfect to protect your skin and its freshness while protecting the biological aging and external aggressions.

Akane agrees to have formulas without paraben, without silicone, without mineral oil, without PEG, no phenoxyethanol, no essential oil, without HER, and without EDTA. Apple & Leaf® is obtained thanks to a 100% natural process without solvent or chemical compound. While the packaging of the brand are eco-friendly, and none of the products are never tested on animals. All products of the brand Akane are made in France.
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