For centuries, the soap of Aleppo is known for all its virtues and its various uses.

Alepia is the promise of natural products and environmentally friendly.

The ingredients ( olive oil, berries of laurel, etc) are fair trade and are 100 % plant.

Coup de coeur : The soap of Aleppo tradition, in the raw state.

A mark of quality

Alépia, it is the collaboration of a physician, a biologist, of syrian origin and of a Master soap maker to offer a of Aleppo soap, traditional as well as a line of cosmetics to take care of her skin daily while respecting the environment. Not tested on animals, products Alépia are formulated without phthalates, no parabens and no palm oil !

For centuries, the soap of Aleppo is known for all of its virtues. Made in Aleppo, the oldest city in the world to have been continuously inhabited, the soap of Aleppo is the promise of a clean natural. Pure tradition, it is made according to traditional processes in a Cauldron by the brand Alépia. From generation to generation, this method of manufacturing is transmitted between the Boiler Masters of Aleppo.

Anxious to take care of our bodies, the Dr Samir Constantini has developed the natural products with undeniable virtues for health while respecting the environment. Certified organic by Ecocert, the products are paraben-free, no chemical preservatives, phthalates free, dye-free synthesis and fragrance-free !

Ideal for treating skin problems stubborn, the soap of Aleppo is made up entirely of oil of bay of laurel, of olive oil and water. It will also be beneficial to all types of skin, more sensitive, more fat through the mature skins.
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