A brand of natural cosmetics

History of the brand

Antipodes was launched in 2006 by Elizabeth Barbalich, a scientist who made the bet to offer organic beauty products and natural. The scientist wishes to offer the cosmetics all natural and organic. In the context of helping women to really take care of it daily, the brand relies on scientific processes listed in the sustainable development.

Thanks to their efficiency, many products in the Antipodes have received awards from beauty rewarding and the mark of his scientific knowledge and his creativity.

The incredible results of the beauty products of the brand have allowed us to expand to 9 countries and has approximately 300 stores throughout New Zealand !

The New Zealand pride

The creative place the beauty and the secrets of New Zealand at the heart of its brand. Inspired by the treasures of nature provided by forests, the land and the plants, Elizabeth develops products with a basis of extracts from plants cultivated in a sustainable manner. Each of the care are developed scientifically and clinically to guarantee impressive results in the respect of your skin !

Care Antipodes

The brand offers a range of treatments very full, formulated from natural ingredients and carefully selected.

Discover the wonders of New Zealand in each of the products that are the signature of the brand.

The oil of avocado pear

The oil of avocado pear is particularly nourishing and moisturizing. It slows down the appearance of signs of aging and also helps to reduce the visibility of pigmentation spots and other marks on the skin.


Used in honey or essential oil, it is valued for its many properties including antibacterial, wound-healing, anti-wrinkle and astringent.

The seed oil kiwi

The seed oil kiwi is packed with omega-3 and provides vitamin C and vitamin E for intense hydration and long-lasting.


This plant is highly valued in the Maori culture for its moisturizing effects, and protectors. It is a soothing treatment that is very effective.


Otherwise known as the Christmas tree in New Zealand, its extracts from flowers are moisturizers, antioxidants and antiseptics.

The brand is vegan and environmentally friendly

The brand Antipodes is particularly invested in the environmental initiative, committing to limit the exposure to synthetic chemicals and the impact of human activity on the environment. Many products are certified organic by AsureQuality Ltd and in the contrary case, they are 98% to 100 % natural.

Antipodes is a brand vegan ! Sponsored by the Vegetarian Society, it ensures that no test is not performed on the animals. The products are not composed of ingredients resulting from slaughter and genetically modified organisms.

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Antipodes est lancée en 2006 par Elizabeth Barbalich, une scientifique qui fait le pari de proposer des produits de beauté bio et naturels. La scientifique souhaite proposer des cosmétiques entièrement naturels et biologiques. Dans l’optique d’aider les femmes à prendre réellement soin d’elle au quotidien, la marque mise sur des processus scientifiques inscrits dans le développement durable. Grâce à leur efficacité, bien des produits Antipodes ont reçu des prix de beauté récompensant ainsi la marque de son savoir-faire scientifique et de sa créativité.