Artifact Skin & Co. is a canadian brand that specializes in face masks. Care are made by hand, in small batches, using only high-quality products in order to provide the best to our skin ! Made from natural ingredients, Artifact is THE young brand to follow !

Coup de coeur : The Mask Face Tahitian Vanilla Monoi ; It is already the holidays !

Origin and Inspirations

The origin of the brand, there is Narae Kim and Elie Nehme, partner in work as in life. These two architects of Toronto decide one day to embark on a project that would combine the design and cosmetics. Indeed, passionate from always by the care of the face, Narae Kim, during her studies as an architect, realised that people were very interested in the masks for the face, but no mark is not considered as a star product. It is in following this approach as it launches, with her husband, mark, Artifact.

Artifact is therefore a line of masks inspired by the beauty rituals of the world. The creators have scoured the globe to bring together the aromas and authentic recipes in order tooffer an innovative product and effective. All the ingredients used for the manufacture of products, oils, clay, passing by the flowers, are meticulously selected.

The elements of the trip

The brand offers 6 masks all influenced by a place, and different traditions. The Bali Papaya Rice , for example, is inspired by the balinese who work in the fields and who, to protect the skin, apply a mixture to base of ground rice and oil, creating a paste coating that improves the complexion. The Brazilian Supermask, mask vegan, is based on the virtues of anti oxidant powerful, discovered by the brazilians, Cupuaçu and berries Acai. The Egyptian Honey Rose, best-selling brand, is inspired by the beauty routine of Cleopatra, queen of prehistoric egypt, who used honey to protect her skin from the sun. Has the sensual aroma of rose, this mask is suitable for all skin types. The Glacia Coast Detox, mask vegan, was inspired by the populations of the North Pacific, which have for centuries been using clay glacial marine for its healing properties and cleansing. As for the Moroccan Tangerine Clay, mask vegan, it is based on Rhassoul, a clay absorbent of sebum, used for over 1,500 years to keep a perfect complexion. Finally, the Tahitian Vanilla Monoi, mask vegan, is inspired by Polynesian people that use Monoi to protect their body.

Artifact also offers a brush application for the face masks, sponges konjac, a mask for the lips as well as lip balms. All products of the brand are paraben free, without phtlalates or sulfate ! Of what take full advantage of these products to the packaging and the formula very well !

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