Created by Matthew Waitesmith, a former professional makeup artist and the top part of the famous firm of M. A. C Cosmetics, the brand ARTIS offers brushes, innovative design, amazing and elegant. Its name comes from latin and means " technical, skill, method and character ", and clearly announces the color ! In fact, these brushes are a concentrate of technology which will delight professionals as well as any beauty addict ! These little gems will assist you during each step of your makeup and each has a very particular role to play, for a quality result. Try them, you'll never go back !

The brush coming from the USA

Came straight of the United States, the mark ARTIS wanted to finish with the brushes of make-up wanting to emulate those used for painting by creating a cutting-edge technology and a unique design that reminds a toothbrush or a hair brush as a brush traditional.

All the products of the american company are equipped with the fiber revolutionary CosmeFibre™ fully synthetic and is specially designed to apply cosmetics, which allows a greater standardization of products of make-up and fade beautifully. Each brush is assembled entirely by hand with all the know-how of ARTIS, which promises you an incomparable smoothness to your skin and a handle intuitive and comfortable thanks to their flexible handle that conforms to every inch of your skin.

The brushes ARTIS of the firm, called Artis Brushes in addition to-atlantic, have a longer life than traditional products, they are resistant to sun, washing, alcohol, acids, and detergent. These brushes also feature ofa shape memory that prevents the need to alter and spoil too quickly.

ARTIS certifies that no animal product has not been used to carry out or test their brushes and makeup. These makeup brushes suitable for all people who are allergic to the hair of animals wishing to use tools, make-up quality.


The company is respectful of the environment and animals.

ARTIS is the brand that celebrates the make-up as art, rather than as a hobby.

As said its founder, " A good tool should make things easier and not to complicate them ".

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