Atelier Maquillage Paris

History of the brand

Atelier make-up Paris is a brand created in 2011 by Laurence Alphandary, wishing to democratize the embellishment the look for a subtle beauty. She wishes that every woman can enhance her look with his line of products innovative and of high quality. Atelier make-up Paris is the first brand specialised in the eyes and the eyebrows to offer products of high quality. As the creator says : "know how to highlight the eyes is important in the makeup. The eyes speak to us, seduce us : they are the mirror of our emotions. ".
It is the way it develops products to beautify the eyes, in a nice little box to eyebrows where you can find everything you need to maintain your eyebrows. This box is quickly becoming one of the flagship products of the brand.

Always in the promise of a fabulous eye makeup look, it develops the suite of products for the eyes and the complexion, as well as accessories.

Atelier make-up Paris goes further in its quest of beauty accessible to all ! It makes available its know-how to provide women with the tools and techniques that compliment the look. It proposes a training of the restructuring of the eyebrow, make-up, and master classes.

A few words about the designer

Always wanting to see women be aware of a beauty that is subtle and accessible, the designer make it his profession. His curiosity, his passion and his experiences led him to develop products that are totally innovative , such as the gel eyebrow fixer or the Delicare Brow, the first body scrub to eyebrow ! Through her products, she brings her own vision makeup and beauty that will look like.

The different ranges Makeup Workshop

Atelier make-up Paris offers 4 ranges of products.

The eyebrows

The eyebrows are essential in the harmony of the face, they provide a structure and dress up the look. Highlight your femininity with the essential tools from the range Eyebrow for a gorgeous look said. The make-up eyebrow begins with a waxing to redefine its shape. Draw with a pencil or a powder to fill the brow, redraw its shape or even enlarge the eyes. Brush with your goupillion your eyebrows for a more natural effect, then set with the gel fixative. Awaken your eyes with a light point, applying it subtly, a pencil illuminator under the arch.

The eyes

The eye makeup is essential to beautify the look by playing with the pencils and brushes for a make-up day or night. Find in the range Eyes all the essential products to reveal your look : eye liner for doe eyes, eyeshadows water soluble for a fade effect, or even the Mascara Keracare to enlarge the eyes.

The complexion

The makeup of the complexion is the first step for a successful make. Moreover, it is essential to have an even skin tone to highlight a beautiful eye makeup. Unify your face with the foundation mat and the corrector illuminator for a glowing complexion !


To ensure that the makeup subtle and precise, arm yourself with the tools ! Brushes, brushes or eyelash curler, you can find the whole line of accessory products, easy-to-use.

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Atelier Maquillage Paris
Atelier Maquillage Paris est une marque créée en 2011 par Laurence Alphandary, souhaitant démocratiser l\'embellissement du regard pour une beauté subtile. Elle désire que chaque femme puisse mettre en valeur son regard grâce à sa ligne de produits innovants et de qualité.