The Beautyblender has seen the light of day in Hollywood : Rea Ann, makeup artist by trade and entrepreneur, developed an applicator of a foundation to be innovative and professional.

Revolutionary, its an egg-shape and its texture foam allow a perfect application for a natural result and homogeneous.

It adapts to all skin types, and also serves well for theapplication of a simple anti-dark circles for a total beauty (contouring, highlighting).

Beautyblender is the promise of a simple application and a complexion.

Try and adopt emergency !

Coup de coeur : The kit Beautyblender + Blender Cleanser

The Beautyblender is a small revolution in the middle of the cosmetics. This little sponge egg-shaped, saw the light of day in Hollywood with Rea Ann, makeup artist business.

This world novelty enables youto apply its foundation in innovative ways and professional, while adapting to all types of skins. The result ? Homogeneous, with a perfect finish and flawless, helped by the mousse texture of the Beautyblender. Everyone pulls this little sponge, stars passing by the bloggers. This is a must-have essential. The Beautyblender is available in several colors and several sizes, in short, there's something for all tastes.

The sponge is also ideal for the followers of the contouring. Your complexion has to be worked by the Beautyblender, on the curves of your face.

Do not hesitate any more, the Beautyblender should be in your kit of makeup !

Beautyblender : the revolutionary brand of beauty products

His goal ? Bring a new experience of makeup to young women who want to in a few minutes, get natural complexion that enhances the glow of their beauty. It all starts with a make-up artist american professional, Red Ann, who did not manage to obtain a background of natural skin tone on the face of its customers. So she decided to create the brand Beautyblender by proposing at the outset a applicator foundation for innovative and professional.

A mark on the revolutionary design

The revolution brought about by the brand does not stop only at the level of its natural result, it pushes this originality in the applicator in the shape of egg is a texture of foam, marrying harmoniously the shapes of the face. No need to use a lot of products for her makeup, only one can be sufficient as the concealer or the foundation. The purpose is simply to bring a touch of radiance-beauty for a complexion.

Thanks to its unique design into egg shape, the brand caused a sensation in the world and has quickly become one of the flagship products of the make-up professionals. This form was so popular with customers that other competing brands have not hesitated to copy more or less, but without managing to generate the same enthusiasm and the same quality. When the sponges makeup make their appearance thanks to Rea Ann to Hollywood, we was far to imagine that they would have as much success with young women and professionals of beauty.

A foundation that adapts to all skin types

The brand Beautyblender has always desired right from the start, to create an innovative product that can adapt to all types of skins. Whether you have an oily skin, dry or mixed, the sponge will ensure your complexion is uniform and bright. This is due to its texture, delicate foam that leaves a fresh and reassuring on your face after its passage.

It is so popular that the Hollywood stars use before going on the red carpet at festivals. Despite this efficiency, the prices are still affordable, like what, no need to ruin yourself to be a seductive woman with a complexion and natural. You can find them in many colors and sizes, just buy the one that best suits your needs.

The makeup of the mannequins in the scope of all

It is always without voice that we admire the delicate beauty and sultry models once disguised. Even those that had defects and some imperfections on the face have recovered a shard impressive. They have no doubt used the range of make-up Beautyblender which was able to follow perfectly the curves of their face to conceal in a natural way all of the unsightly stains.

So, if you want to have a foundation of professional and natural as that of a model, use the sponge foundation, Beautyblender which now remains in your little kit of beauty at hand. No more need to carry brushes, and you slather your fingers !

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