Beverly Hills Formula

Origin of the brand

Beverly Hills Formula is a brand that is Irish, born in County Wicklow south of Dublin in 1992.

It is based on the dental whitening.

At this time, the sector remains fragile because most of the techniques used are too corrosive.

In addition, County Wicklow is a quality water outstanding.

From there, the idea comes to Beverly Hills Formula to create toothpaste for whitening teeth with soft materials which do not destroy the enamel.

Beverly Hills Formula therefore created the range of toothpaste " Perfect White ".

Description of the range

In this famous range there are three types of whitening toothpastes :

There is the " Perfect White Black ", which is a toothpaste of black color at base of coal.

This last is very much appreciated and has been elected " Best beauty product oral " in 2014, by the British magazine " Beauty ".

There is also the " Perfect White Gold ", which is a toothpaste base gold.

And finally, for the more sensitive, there is the " Perfect White Sensitive ".

So, for over 15 years now, Beverly Hills Formula has come a long way in its sector.

The brand has developed, remaining based on the oral product, such as bathroom vents etc

It has earned a reputation for quality as well with celebrities, as well as from consumers who have always dreamt of having a Hollywood smile !
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Beverly Hills Formula