Billion Dollar Brows

The specialist brand of the eyebrow

The eyebrows have an essential role for sculpting your face and it should not be overlooked. Billion Dollar Brows, cosmetics brand dedicated entirely to brows, you can get those of your choice and at a very competitive price. The products are fragrance-free and tested under dermatological control to meet the best area of the eyebrow. Billion Dollar Brows is THE brand to put on your eyebrows before !

Coup de coeur : The booster serum volume " BROW BOOST "

The creators, Natalie and Bob Plain, began in Los Angeles in 2004 in their apartment with Brow Boost, a conditioner for eyebrows purposes and damaged by hair removal repeated. Full of vitamins and protein, fragrance-free and tested under dermatological control, Brow Boost is effective from 30 days to provide you with eyebrows provided and large. They are hydrated and the perfect line !

Strong of this success, Billion Dollar Brows has launched shortly after a line of cosmetics. Starting with Brow Gel, gel fixing eyebrows, offering an outfit and a glow, flawless, and Universal Brow Pencil, pencil universal eyebrow that is suitable for all colors of hair and all colors of skin.

Billion Dollar Brows is developing a complete range for the eyebrows with pencils, gels, makeup and accessories of very high quality and very interesting prices.

Following their success, Natalie and Bob Plain have opened a beauty salon for eyebrows in Beverly Hills, frequented by all the stars of Los Angeles. The Technique " Billion Dollar Brows ", so effective for contouring the eyebrows, strength and volume, is also taught in other beauty salons in the United Kingdom, and Australia.

A French Touch

There is a bar eyebrow at Paris, 20 rue Danielle Casanova in the 2nd district in which the Ambassador of France to the mark, Carole, hair removal with pliers and proposes a diagnostic customized according to the structure of your face. Expert eyebrow also performs make-up sessions custom.

What to get your eyebrows perfect !
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Billion Dollar Brows