ByWhoTattoo is a brand that is sophisticated skin tattoos temporary.

The designer Anaïs offers templates designed by designers, and designers throughout the world.

Perfect for the everyday life as for the evenings, the jewelry skin ByWhoTattoo are a must.

Coup de coeur : The model Soraya, for its elephants east and its original motives


ByWhoTattoo is a mark of tattoos ephemeral, sensual and sophisticated. Silver or gold, on the grounds of ethnic or geographical, temporary tattoos are essential to boost a summer look or to have the small detail of glamour before a meeting you love !


The history of ByWhoTatto begins in 2015 with Anais Weill. A student in the fashion industry, she draws on her cultural heritage to pass on his thirst for travel and discovery through its brand. Having grew up in France and Argentina, the designer was immersed in two very different cultures, enabling him to create these tattoos are imbued with this openness of mind.


The concept of the brand is also to create collaborations with artists from Latin America. The first has been carried out with the community in argentina, the Mapuche, who has created traditional designs that are exclusive to the brand. Later transformed into jewelry to skin, they are stylish enough to wear in any occasion.


In addition to this, the holding of the tattoos is perfect since they last between 4 to 6 days without fade ! To remove them, we advise you to use body lotions or creams. Do not hesitate anymore and succumb to these tattoos sensual and elegant that will bring a special touch to any outfit !

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