Cherry Blooms

The cilia as a central element

Created by the australian Jellaine Dee, the brand Cherry Blooms is creative and innovative products are indispensable ! Its flagship product : the extensions in fibers that lengthen your lashes in record time, while respecting the sensitivity of your eyes.

Its founder, Jellaine Dee, first started to sell its products on markets in Brisbane during the weekend in November 2008. She wanted to create products with natural origin that do agresserait not the eyes of women. As the demand increased, she began to open shops and salons first in Australia, then in the rest of the world.

A mark of quality

With its revolutionary concepts, Cherry Bloom wants to celebrate the beauty of women and provide them with the confidence they need through its products. She makes it a point to use natural ingredients to meet the most sensitive eyes and people wearing contact lenses that are often forgotten in the world of cosmetics.

Now, the products of the brand are sold in the United States. Their creator has also won several prestigious awards, such as the Business Women's Award in 2013 which honors the best entrepreneurs of the year.

In addition, the brand has undertaken not to exercise any cruelty on animals for the manufacturing of its products. We do not hesitate any more and it darkens !



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Cherry Blooms

Des extensions de cils en fibres qui tiennent 24 heures !