Based on a formula that ancient egyptian as Cleopatra used to keep skin radiant and glowing, cream, Egyptian Magic has become a treatment of WORSHIP in the world thanks to its formula 100% natural and multi-purpose.

Our favorite : The balm 59 mL, Egyptian Magic, practice it can be carried with you anywhere and use in all situations !

Egyptian Magic is a product all-in-one that works miracles ! 100% natural, the balm is a real care SOS for your epidermis. The brand's mission is to offer a product care professional-to-action multiple. The treatment for hydration of the skin, your skin is pampered with natural products !


This balm has been created on the land of the Pharaohs there are thousands of the year. In fact, the balm, Egyptian Magic is based on a formula of ancient egyptian used by Cleopatra to keep skin glowing and radiant. According to an ancient legend, this balm would even have been used by magicians, great sages and healers in order to keep the epidermis healthy and smooth.


Has a basic of 6 ingredients of moisturizing and wound-healing properties such as bee wax, bee pollen, olive oil, honey, royal jelly and propolis, the balm is 100% natural. The advantage is also that it is multi-function ! It removes makeup of the eyes, cleanses, nourishes dehydrated skin and dry, heals psoriasis and eczema, helps prevent wrinkles, fine lines and stretch marks, soothes itching due to bites of insects, treats cuticles, helps to reduce scarring and can even be used on the tips of your damaged hair !


A small amount is enough ! Put in the hollow of the hand and melt the balm takes on the texture of an oil with soothing and nourishing to the skin. Paraben-free, chemical ingredient, GMOS, or preservatives, Egyptian Magic also enjoys the label Cruelty Free.


True secret of stars such as Madonna, Eva Longoria or Gisele Bunchen, the balm, Egyptian Magic is a real must-have !

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