The brand name pharmaceutical par excellence

Exertier is a brand of skin care specifically created for you, it promises to be a cosmetic professional available in your bathrooms. For the sisters, Exertier Julie and Maud, it was essential tooffer quality and efficiency to all users of the brand. Thanks to their talented team, they have managed to establish the Laboratory Exertier®. This laboratory is based on orchids in particular to create their products. They grow in the area of Courchevel and are particularly appreciated for their qualities and virtues.

Our favorite : The care of the evening Restorative, Anti-Age, mid-serum-mi-oil.

The Laboratory Exertier® was created to represent the femininity. It is a core value in modern and according to the creators. Every care is taken of the range ensures skin regeneration, and promises, through a ceremony that involves layering, a good functioning of the action of the Gold from the Orchid® and the benefits of each product after using them.

The game Gold from The Orchid® helps all its users to be professional reflexes in their own bathroom and combines cosmetic technology for an effective solution that quickly penetrates the skin. The goal here is toget immediate results and visible to the naked eye. The care range to protect your skin in the long term, while the sublimating.

The Laboratory Exertier® is always in search of innovation, and seeks to create professional health care available for all.

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