The incredible ascension of Jennifer Gerard

Gerard Cosmetics is a brand that comes straight from the United States and has been created in order to facilitate the lives of women in the face of small problems that they encounter on a daily basis with the makeup. Its founder, Jennifer Gerard, was tired of losing so much time with the different steps that you will need a good make-up and therefore decided to create quality products that would improve greatly the way of makeup.

Thus was born the BB Plus Illumination, the first culmination of the brand. She makes it a point to create products that are luxurious, chic, glam but also accessible to all.

Gerard Cosmetics is a company created by women for women, which are attention to detail and want to have the best possible products.

It has been extremely popular with artists, make-up, bloggers and celebrities of any kind after the launch of its range of products for lips, from lipstick to lip gloss , which quickly became a staple in the sphere of beauty.

And in this range, in particular, it is possible to find the liquid lipstick but also the hydra matte liquid, which are flagship products of the brand.

Priority to women

Its purpose is to make life more simple and more beautiful for all women thanks to its innovative products and made in the USA.

The brand is committed not toexercise any cruelty on animals for the manufacturing of its products, certified 100% gluten-free, enough to convince the most selective of you !

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