The history of Great Cosmetics

Large Cometics sees the light of day in 2008, Alicia Grande was searching for a product that can stimulate and revive his eyelashes. Not finding the miracle product, Alicia Grande decided to create with a team of researchers formula that can rekindle the cilia. This research was born the GrandeLASH™-MD, who knows a real success. Taking advantage of this success, the brand declines its range. Today Large Cosmetics offers effective products for the eyelashes, the lips, the eyebrows and the hair.

The Ranges of Great Cosmetics

Great Cosmetics offers ranges of products for enhance :

The lips

The GrandeLips are treatments and makeup for the lips that feed and repulpent the lips. There are:

- The GrandeLips Plumping Primer , which is a basic moisturizing and plumping smoothes lips instantly and reduces wrinkles over the long term. This primer treats the lips, and prepares to receive the red lipstick.

- The red lipstick and gloss repulpants. These products are developed according to the process VOLULIP™ based on hyaluronic acid and niacin. They also contain menthol which plumps up directly to the lips.

- The GrandeLips plumping Liquid are lipsticks liquid repulpants. The strong pigment in it are perfect for make-up glamour. There are two kinds of lipstick liquid: semi matte which have a long-lasting and do not create dry lips and metallic that are perfect for women who want to look "bold".

- And then there are the gloss is moisturizing the GrandLips Hydrating Lip Plumper that moisturizes and repulpent the lips. They are glossy and light. They are perfect for a discreet makeup.

The lashes

There are 3 products activators of cilia in this category.

- The GrandeLASH™-MD "Lash Enhancing Serum" is a serum activator, rich in vitamins, antioxidants and amino acids. It nourishes and strengthens the eyelashes is damaged, and purposes. Your lashes are more thick and long. This serum is to be used in the evening to maximize its effects.

- The GrandePRIMER Pre-Mascara, which is a base to apply before the mascara. Rich in peptides ( Combination of amino acids) and fibre, it nourishes the eyelashes. He prepares to receive the mascara. The brush of the primer separates the lashes and allows you to have this kind of effect false eyelashes after application of mascara.

- The GrandeMascara, is one mascara that lets you lengthen and strengthen your lashes. Its formula rich in amino acids and vitamins to treat the cilia damaged.

- The GrandeLiner is a eye-liner which contains the same formula as the serum, GrandeLASH™-MD. The vitamins and amino acids allow you to take care of your lashes, while adding style and definition to your makeup.

The eyebrows

In this range you have a activator for eyebrows, and two products to intensify and sculpt eyebrows.

- The GrandeBROW Enhancing Serumwhich is a serum that activates the eyebrows thanks to its formula rich in amino acids and antioxidants. It is ideal for filling in the eyebrows thin or too shaven. It is a serum that should be applied in the evening, to maximize its effects.

- The GrandeBROWFILL Teinted Gel which is a gel stain which the fibers adhere to the eyebrow to create the illusion of hair and intensify the brow. Rich in vitamins and amino acids, it is also a treatment for the eyebrows.

- The GrandeGLIDEBROW Pencil which is a pencil for eyebrow. Its formula fat allows it to blend in the eyebrow and thicken the line of the eyebrow.

The hair

This range comprises of hair care, and accessories to enable hair growth. In the hair care include:

- The GrandeHAIR Rejuvination Serum is a serum conditioner. It restores life to your hair. The peptides, vitamins, and antioxidants of the serum provides strength and shine to your hair. They are more healthy, soft and thick.

- The Nutra Peptide Shampoo is a shampoo that maximizes the effects of the GrandeHAIR Rejuvination Serum. It contains hexapeptide-11, which will exfoliate the scalp and clean the follicles. It provides the hair fibre, that can absorb the benefits of the serum.

- The Nutra Peptide Conditioner after-shampoo nourishing, its formula prevents hair fall and nourishes the scalp and the length. It should be applied after shampooing, leave to act for few minutes and rinse.


- The GrandeHAIR Stimulating Laser Comb is a laser comb stimulating. This comb combines the technology of Hi-Tech LED and of the laser at low frequency to eliminate the dihydrotestosterone that robs the hair of essential nutrients and makes it dull and brittle. This comb is ideal for individuals who have thin hair and sparse.
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Certains de ces produits sont deux caractéristiques : ils sont à la fois des soins et du maquillage. Ils apportent un résultat immédiat et une amélioration sur le long terme. C\'est-à-dire entre 6 à 8 semaines, ces résultats sont durables et remarquables. Grande Cosmetics propose des cosmétiques Cruelty Free et Vegan, il n\'y a aucun test sur animaux de la recherche à la conception du produit. Grande Cosmetics a fait le choix de révéler et améliorer la beauté naturelle de sa clientèle. Révélez donc tout le potentiel qui sommeille en vous !

Des solutions beauté à effet instantané

Grande Cosmetics est une marque qui a pour objectif de raviver la beauté naturelle.
Elle propose des solutions qui fonctionnent réellement. Elle propose des sérums puissants et des produits de maquillage double fonctions riches en acides aminés, vitamines et antioxydants.
Ces produits permettent de sublimer et raviver la beauté naturelle des femmes instantanément et de l\'améliorer sur le long terme.
En effet, la formulation des produits offre des résultats rapides et des résultats durables, qui sont démontrés par des études cliniques.