John Masters Organics

Aware of the problem of ingredients that are harmful to health are present in the hair products conventional, hairdresser hair stylist John Masters was a pioneer of organic beauty, creating its first products to care for hair natural in 1991, in New York.

Today iconic brand among the stars and women are concerned about the composition of cosmetics on their beauty, John Masters Organics is an essential reference in the world of organic cosmetics.

Creation of the brand John Masters Organics

Hairdresser hair stylist and colorist are talented, John Masters has made a name in the world of hairdressers to american stars of the 1970s.

He soon realized the need to offer beauty products for hair that contain only natural ingredients but delivering exceptional results, surpassing the industry conventional cosmetics.

His dream is to create the first hair salon and organic and environmentally friendly, with no element of pollutant or toxin in the world. He received his first clients in his New York apartment where he used only products without ammonia and dyes plant or clay-based from Europe, he experiments and develops its own synergy of natural ingredients to take care of the hair. John Masters began mixing essential oils and plant ingredients in its cuisine. It is in 1991 that he created his first product : the Elixir anti-frizz, a organic skincare anti-forks 100% natural to repair and nourish dry and brittle hair. The first brand of hair care and shampoo luxury organic was born.

After years of laboratory research on essential oils, plant extracts and other natural ingredients, the range John Masters Organics account today more than fifty products of hair treatments and organic cosmetics sold in the world.

The philosophy of the brand

In 1994, John Masters, manages to open the first hair salon organic in Soho, where it will be used daily care for natural hair and professional. The natural products are not harmful to the hair of customers, and remain healthy for the hair stylists who handle them, the success is flourishing to the young hairdresser.

It is in 2001 that the brand John Masters Organics is launching its range of organic cosmetics luxury face rewarded in 2004 by the highly coveted Prize of best line of care products awarded in the uk by the Soil Association.

 This award has reinforced the conviction of John Masters, according to which taking care of oneself and the planet are linked:

"We only have one body and one planet, why not treat them both with the greatest of care?" - J. M. O

He now divides his time between his living room and his laboratory research. The former hairdresser is fully committed to the development of new products and the improvement of care John Masters Organics existing as of the technological and scientific advances.

The commitment of the care-John Masters Organics

The natural ingredients used in the composition of the care and organic cosmetics John Masters Organics are a key element of their effectiveness: the mark of american beauty establishes partnerships with local producers , including the respect for the environment is a prime criterion, and with whom it works in respect of specifications on the conditions of cultivation, harvesting, and storage. These family farms are involved in the maintenance of modes of culture traditional more respectful of Nature and the environment. The botanical ingredients are harvested in their natural environment and are the subject of a crop eco-responsible and controlled.

Use of components of toxic chemical in a shampoo, a styling gel or a moisturizer is not necessary since they are replacing large-scale and approximate way the natural molecules.

The certification of organic cosmetics in the U.s. is limited today to the label USDA, equivalent to the organic label AB (Agriculture Biologique) in France, who thus relates primarily to the edible products. Despite these extreme demands, several products of the range John Masters Organics are even labelled USDA, The equivalent of the label "organic agriculture" award in France in the agro-food.

This particular organic cosmetics in the united states is changing with the creation of a label more specific to the cosmetology, but in the meantime, the brand John Masters Organics is committed in the formulas for all of its products :

- At least 70% of ingredients certified organic

- Product without Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), parabens, DEAs, MEAs or TEAs

- Produced without GMOS (Genetically Modified Organism)

- No test on animals (Cruelty Free & Leaping Bunny)

- Without dye or artificial fragrance

- All the essential oils are extracted from steam (no extraction in Propylene Glycol , which destroys the properties of essential oils)

- All of the extract plant are obtained by cold pressing (without heat which destroys the properties of plants)

- No superfluous ingredients in the composition

- All ingredients must be harvested in the respect of their environment

- All ingredients must be as biodegradable as possible

It is this specification strictly which ensures high-quality products, John Masters Organics, guarantee the beauty of your hair and your skin. The company is also approved by PETA.

To know ...

Many Hollywood stars are snapping up the products John Masters Organics. These american celebrities have become aware of the importance ofcare products natural, but without compromising on the efficiency of their beauty products. Therefore : the makeup artists, hairdressers, or even the stars themselves claim the products John Masters Organics.


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John Masters Organics

Coiffeur et coloriste star des années 70, John Masters créé sa marque en 1994. Lui-même adepte du yoga et d’un mode de vie sain, il comprend rapidement l’importance d’utiliser des produits de beauté pour cheveux ne contenant que des ingrédients naturels. S’il veut renoncer aux produits chimiques, au paraben et aux colorants artificiels, il est hors de question de mettre la qualité de côté. Il décide alors de créer sa marque de produits capillaires bio haut de gamme. Il fait donc appel à des experts en botanique, cosmétologue et aromatologue pour réunir l’expertise indispensable et créer sa propre gamme de produits. Tous les produits contiennent entre 70% et 95% d’ingrédients biologiques et ne sont jamais testés sur les animaux.

Le nettoyage et l’hydratation sont souvent la clé pour une chevelure resplendissante.

Pour prendre soin des cheveux très abimés par les colorations à répétition, il est nécessaire d’adopter une routine capillaire réparatrice. Pour ce faire, il faut utiliser des produits riches en acides gras essentiels et en protéines pour reconstruire la fibre capillaire endommagée des cheveux colorés. Il est important d’utiliser des soins hydratants qui ont une haute capacité nourrissante. Ce genre de routine qui met en avant l’hydratation est également adaptée aux cheveux bouclés qui ont tendance à être secs car la kératine qui enrobe le cheveu est endommagée. Ainsi nourrit, la chevelure retrouve sa brillance.

John Masters aime concevoir des produits multi usages. Ainsi, les après-shampoings jouent à la fois le rôle de conditionner, de démêlant et de crème de soin. Ils servent à démêler la chevelure mais aussi la nourrir et lui apporter de la brillance tout en facilitant le coiffage. Au moment de l’application, démêlez vos cheveux à l’aide d’un peigne pour faciliter le coiffage une fois la chevelure rincée. 

L’huile d’argan et de jojoba servent à hydrater les cheveux abîmés quand la lavande et le romarin rééquilibreront les cheveux qui ont tendance à graisser. La menthe verte et la reine-des-prés stimule le cuir chevelu et prévient la chute des cheveux. Pour optimiser les effets des masques et autres soins, n’hésitez pas à avoir recours à la chaleur. Pour cela, enveloppé votre chevelure d’une serviette chaude pendant une vingtaine de minutes.