The product retouching essential

KIWABI Root Vanish is a brand of products to touch-up hair innovative and practical made in Japan. Composed of a mixture of 22 asian plants regenerating, the Root Vanish are products which strengthen, nourish and moisturize the hair while allowing for a touch up of your roots. If Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Zoe Deschanel have fallen for the products KIWABI, we do not hesitate any more !

 Coup de coeur : The temporary coloration of the root color dark brown ! Bye Bye regrowth

The designer, Kazumi Morton, is a colorist very well-known New York-based. Trained at the Vidal Sassoon Academy, she has been the apprentice of the world-famous Stuart Gavert at the Gavert Atelier Salon in Beverly Hills. Noticed by the magazine " Allure ", she is the expert on color with its outstanding competence to offer a look that's radiant to its customers, while respecting the integrity and the texture of their hair.

It is through her clients she has had the idea to make their lives easier by creating Roots Vanish. Indeed, who has never known the black roots unsightly on bleached hair ? Roots Vanish is also a real manicure for the white hair ! It allows each person to maintain a perfect finish to its color, between two appointments with the colorist.

A range created for all women

Products Roots Vanish is available in 5 shades, from blonde to black. Based 22 asian plants to the virtues of enriching and regenerating, they are also fragrance-free, silicone-free and 100% free from harmful products so you do not damage the hair. The result of this mixture provides hydration and anti-aging benefits to hair without leaving residue. Coloring non-permanent products Roots Vanish does déteignent not, even in wet weather and can be removed with a shampoo.

The application is very easy and fast. More need to protect your shoulders or wear gloves in plastic, because the Roots Vanish doesn't flow and doesn't drip !

Your hair is nice and soft, your perfect color !

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