La Sultane de Saba

With as devoted to the beauty of the woman, the Sultane de Saba journey of the meaning of East Asia through the islands. Its products good for the skin are available in over 16 scents. Butters of shea butter trees, Candles, Lotions...all are made from precious ingredients and rare come from the four corners of the world.

Our favourite : wax exfoliation Champaka Tropical Flowers. Its gel texture transforms into milk upon contact with water.


The Sultane de Saba, it is simply the brand suddenly of heart LANAÏKA.


You are looking for products made in France but that you are traveling in the East, in Asia through the Islands ? Transmitted from generation to generation, this brand highlights the beauty of the eastern woman. It is the mother of the designer, Vanessa Sitbon, who brought the secret recipes of beauty of oriental women. In his turn, the founder of the Sultana of Saba, we discover the original products and precious.


Asia, The middle East, the Far East, the trip to the Islands... These products are manufactured to the ancestral manner, and artisanal, giving the product a side rare and unique. So, The genuine products La Sultane de Saba offers ranges of exceptional that will make you travel in the world, while discovering rare ingredients from other genres.


The Range of La Sultane de Saba "Voyage en Orient" which smell is dominant is the Amber Musk Sandalwood is highly sought after. These notes and strong woody or even spicy carry us through the senses and well-being through the eastern culture.

You will find also some exclusive products including the body scrub slimming and honey massage with Ginger and Caffeine.


The range anti-age with particles of 23-carat Gold, combined with the extracts of caviar and argan oil, is an excellent anti-age. These products regenerate the cells of the skin by stimulating the growth of the skin. Hyaluronic acid has been selected for its benefits in anti-aging and regenerating while the pearl mother-of-pearl helps to give the skin its elasticity and its glow. These valuable parts are present in the whole range, including cleansers, elixirs or tonic lotion, day cream and serums at night, offering a skin fresh and smooth.


The range face "Ritual of the Sugar Cane" combines the virtues softening of the extract of sugar cane with the soothing properties of Rose essential oil. Ideal for sensitive skins, it would also be good for normal skin.


The range of "Journey on the road of Spices" makes us travel in India at the time of the Maharajas with scents of amber, vanilla and patchouli. Allies to the coconut oil and shea butter, known to provide shine and give its tone to the skin, the products of this range will delight you.


The range of "Journey on the road of earthly Delights" offers a range of products that revolve around the Orange Flower. Real flower delicate and relaxing, this scent comes around a shea butter, a scrub, an oil of beauty and of still many other products.


The range for " Trip Japanese ", makes you discover or discover again the Flower of Neroli, known for its soothing properties. The Lotus, meanwhile, blends perfectly with the Neroli for you to pick up a scent, exquisite in all of the products offered.


The "Trip to Bali" takes you directly to Bali, nicknamed " island of the Gods ". It is here that the flowers of the most varied bloom. The Lotus flowers and Frangipani are the most famous on the island and are true symbols of femininity.


"Travel in the Islands" is the name of the range that highlights the paradise islands that can be Bora Bora or Tahiti. These Pacific islands offer us their knowledge of beauty such as the famous Flower of Tiaré present all year. By combining this flower and Aloe Vera, a plant of 1001 virtues, The Sultane de Saba promises you products in paradise.

After the islands, the Malaysia. The range of "Journey on the road of Malaysia" was born after a trip in the province of Sabah, located close to Borneo. In this range, the Tropical Flowers mingle with the sweet scent of Champaka, flower of the indian mythology which releases a scent exquisite and persistent.



"Journey on the road to Darjeeling" offers you a range of products around the Green Tea and Ginger. Body scrub, shea butter, cream shower, or body milk, all the products to take care of you are together.


The range "Bois de Oud" offers sophisticated products. The perfume develops an aroma spicy, sweet, woody. This fragrance recalls of course the scents of the East, that you times in your wake. A range with the character !


You want to slimming products that work ? The "Range of Slimming and Delights" Chocolate combines of products in the Ginger and Caffeine for a better result on your skin, which becomes soft and exfoliate with the scrub of the range. A range very effective !


The Sultane de Saba also offers candles that are available in 9 scents to recreate an oriental atmosphere.


The quality of the products is no longer to demonstrate. Not tested on animals, without animal raw materials and paraben free, the brand meets the very highest standards to provide you with high quality products made in France.

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