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Laqa&co arrives straight from the United States and has more than one trick in his bag ! After having started in an original way through the nail varnishes in the form of pens, Laqa & co is back with the red lipstick ! Pencils 3-in-1 with more than ten colours and easy to apply, and you have a mouth cannon at every moment ! This is THE brand and trendy at the moment...

Our favorite : The lipstick Golly Gee Whiz, a shade including pep's which wakes up all skin tones.
If the brand Laqa&co is very concerned about the well-being of its clients, the new york society also places a very great importance to the packaging of its products. The design of the cosmetic packaging is entrusted to young artists so that they could make themselves known to the general public. The result ? Of beautiful cases, that are original, chic and simple. If you're already on that Laqa&co is a brand that is cool, you have not finished the think ! Because in addition to offering these young designers a chance to be noticed, the brand donates a portion of profits realized on the sale of the products.

Before embarking on the red lipstick, Laqa&co had released a product for the least original : the nail varnish in the form of felts. Do her nails at any time and without the need to provide 50 cotton and 10 liters of solvent to repair our nonsense... a dream come true !! After having aroused the enthusiasm of the makeup addicts, Laqa&co, unleashed passions with its new red lipstick in the shape of pencils. Very easy to apply, precise, and above all available in a myriad of shades, the lipsticks Laqa&Co are one of the big shots of the heart of LANAÏKA ! The cherry-red, to girly pink through purple way orchid, red lips Laqa&co will seduce you and prove to you that beautiful mouth does not necessarily equate with galley and know-how !

In addition to their classic use on the lips, the products Laqua&Co range Cheeky Lip can also apply on the cheeks to brighten the face. Melting texture, creamy and has a matte rendering and is available in three shades : Humble Brag, Cray-Cray Mixtape.

Pencils Fat Lip are available in eleven shades, and are ultra-simple to use ! Most in need of mirror, the red lipstick of the range Fat Lip slip and perfectly fit the shapes of your mouth for a glossy and the top ! These lipsticks act as 3 in 1 : they are both office balm, gloss and lipstick. The pencils don't even need to be cut ! Be sexy and chic in all circumstances with these pop colors and funky !

Moisturize and perfume your lips with peppermint with the lipsticks from the range Sheer Lube. The same formats as the Fat Lip, it is available in only four shades. For a nude, go for The Boss Lady, for a more daring, let yourself be tempted by Beezlebub, which may be pale or flashy depending on the application !
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