The trademark LINDSAY is one of the leading manufacturers of cosmetic products the most influential in the Republic of Korea.

The history of Lindsay

It was in 2009 that Yu Hee Suk created his company. The idea of the brand ? Ensure that women can avail of quality care directly to the home ! After having established its own factory in 2012, the president wanted to establish a unique concept : to create its own masks at home, to have a care worthy of an institute or a Spa.

The brand is therefore specialized in the care of the face created by the user itself.

A unique concept of its kind

You surely know, Korean women are totally addicted to masks : scrubs-peeling that peluchent, masks, fabric conditioners, masks, clay of Jeju, or still Sleeping Masks, the mask holds an important place in the routines asian.

Highly concentrated, the mask face is very often rich in nutrients, vitamins and active to act deeply on the skin while targeting different issues.

The brand offers different types of masks of the most original , Rubber mask, Rubbing mask or Modeling mask are the names we give to types of the mask of a new kind : the mask face to the chewy-crisp texture that you create yourself from a powder.

This texture is due to extracts alginate from the kelp (a kind of seaweed) which freeze everything, of course.

This type of mask modeling is present in the high-end spa, and this is its effectiveness : we are getting closer to a level of care professional.

The masks of mark LINDSAY have a great number of benefits compared to traditional masks with ingredients minerals and plants that contain

The masks LINDSAY are thus designed to hydrate, clarify the skin and give a glow to the complexion.

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