Mason Pearson

Mason Pearson, an engineer of the hair brush

The luxurious hair brush Mason Pearson was established in 1885 by the engineer who gave it its name.

After having worked in the 1860s in a manufacture of hair brushes, hand-made, the British Steam Brush Works, it then develops its own system of manufacture. Full of innovation, it invents a machine to drill into wood, which allows it to accelerate the process of making the brushes. This invention earned him a reward : he was to return the silver medal of the inventors. In the same year, the inventor develops a new concept : the brush-cushion pneumatic technology has been hard-worked and improved to make the hair repaired, silky and without forks !

At the death of Mason Pearson, his wife, and his children take over the company for more than 20 years. True family business, it is then recognized as a Mason Pearson Brothers. The brush to air bag then becomes the signature of the company, making it the brand of hair brushes the most luxurious because rich of its know-how !

Today, the brand perpetuates its expertise, employing more than 60 employees and expanding their product lines. Many models still exist since 1920 : Large Extra, Small Extra, Popular, Junior.

Collections designed for you !

Mason Pearson is seeking to offer brushes according to your hair type and your tastes !

Your hair type

To have a beautiful hair, silky and shiny, you need to find YOUR brush, the one that will meet the needs of your hair. It is important for you to determine your hair type to make the best choice.

The brush Bristle (bristle boar bristle) is ideal for fine to normal hair. A version of "sensitive " of this brush has been developed for people with a sensitive scalp or very fine hair.

The brush Bristle & Nylon is perfectly suited for normal hair to thick or long. Thanks to its strength and precision, the nylon unravels fully the hair even harder to tame !

The brush Nylon is the most suitable for the hair thick and hard. The nylon penetrates perfectly the hair to untangle gently.

Thanks to his air bag, the brush distributes the natural sebum from the scalp on your lengths. Your hair is so shiny and revitalised !

The size of the brush

Mason Pearson thinks of you and offers various sizes of hair brushes for easy grip and comfortable.

For women, find these 4 sizes of brush : Large, Medium, Handy and Pocket. For men, they are available in two sizes : Large and medium.

The brand also offers a range child named " Pocket Child ", specially designed for children from 3 to 6 years.

The color

Take your brush Mason Pearson in choosing the color that you want ! They are available in 4 lovely colors : Dark Ruby, Ivory White, Pink and Blue.

Mason Pearson does not stop simply with the hair brush... check out their combs and démêloirs !

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Mason Pearson
Depuis plus de cent ans, Mason Pearson s\'occupe des cheveux pour les rendre doux et brillants.