It is the desire to offer a different approach to the beauty that has pushed Samuel is Permeated by a create MR. JEANNOT. By offering food supplements in the form of gums, he wanted to bring his modern vision to this area.

The beauty otherwise

For the teams of MR. JEANNOT, the beauty comes primarily from within. But it is sometimes complicated to adopt a varied and balanced diet, take care of yourself, sleep well if one has a life that goes to 100 at a time. That is why they have decided to create a line of dietary supplements that addresses the everyday needs of everyone in a single gesture. It has never been so easy to be in good health and it shows !

The fun first

Since taking care of yourself should be a pleasure rather than a constraint, Samuel is Permeated develops its own vision of the food supplement : a gummie in the shape of a rabbit, which reminds him of the sweets of his childhood, as delicious as they are easy to swallow. The dosage of the product has been designed to remove the usual constraints related to the use of supplements. The tablets difficult to swallow, capsules that have bad taste or capsules that give bad breath, will just be a distant memory. Also good and easy to eat as candy, bunnies Hair Gum Gum of MR. JEANNOT will make your hair stronger, healthier and shinier. With his taste for "red fruit" very greedy, you will never again forget to take your supplements.

A composition of natural

Hair Gum Gum of MR. JEANNOT is a dietary supplement composed of vitamins and minerals. A kind of magic formula with all the ingredients necessary for the maintenance of the hair, using a recipe of natural, vegan, and gluten free gelatin prepared with care.

The vitamin A and beta-carotene are respectively present in the products of animal origin, and in fruits and vegetables, including carrots, sweet potatoes and dark green vegetables. Vitamin A and beta-carotene are needed to have beautiful hair in full health.

The vitamin B6 is known to encourage the regrowth of hair. It is also effective to enhance the action of other vitamins.

The biotin, also called vitamin B8, is recommended to strengthen the fiber of the hair. It makes your hair stronger and more resistant.

The vitamin B12, or cobalamin, is a real source of shine for your hair. It helps regulate and strengthen your entire body.

The vitamin C has many functions including helping the body make collagen. It also has an antioxidant power which helps to make the cells more resistant. It contributes to the beauty of the skin and hair.

The vitamin D is a source of vitality. It helps to fight against fatigue and stress that can have a negative effect on the beauty of your hair. Its antioxidant power also contributes to the beauty of your hair but also your nails and your teeth.

The vitamin E is particularly recommended for the repair of damaged hair while stimulating their growth. With vitamin E, you can say goodbye to dull hair and split ends.

The zinc is a trace element that can bring vitality to the hair while the thickeners visibly. In fact, it contributes to the synthesis of keratin and collagen, two proteins that constitute the hair fibre.

Thevegetable oil of coconut is known for its moisturizing power. Become a staple in the universe of the beauty in the natural, the vegetable oil of coconut prevents breakage of the hair and nourishes it in depth.

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