Nanolash & Nanoil

Brands NANOLASH and NANOIL give themselves to the mission of accelerating naturally the growth of your eyelashes and your hair thanks to a unique blend of natural oils, vitamins and nutrients. The products in the packaging elegant will find easily their place on the shelves of your bathroom.

Lashes longer and stronger with NANOLASH

For those who want to lash longer and thicker without resorting to false lashes and extensions, NANOLASH is the solution. Very simple to use, the serum growth of eyelashes NANOLASH apply as a eye-liner to refer to the root of the lashes each evening before bedtime, on clean skin. Thanks to his brush is precise, the application is both simple and quick. As early as the first week of treatment, the results are visible. After 4 weeks of use, eyelashes become thicker, more dense and longer. Once the desired result is obtained, between applications of the product per week to two. The unique formula comprised of only natural ingredients, has been the subject of many clinical tests and dermatological laboratory to match all the eyes and all the skins, even most sensitive.

Take care of your hair in-depth with NANOIL

Staining, changes in temperature, pollution... Your hair experience abuse outside the daily. Hair oil NANOIL hydrates, regenerates and beautifies your hair. From the first use, your hair is stronger, reinforced in-depth and easier to style. Used regularly, the oil NANOIL helps stimulate the growth and fight against hair loss. Your hair is shinier, softer and in better health. You can apply it directly after your shampoo, as a substitute of your mask, or at the time of the styling, on wet or dry hair.
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Nanolash & Nanoil

La beauté des cils et des cheveux au naturel