A beautiful Italian history

The brand Proraso, founded in 1908 by Ludovico Martelli, develops care shaving traditional. Recognized throughout the world as being THE Italian brand of care in shaving, it has several ranges for each type of beard !

In 1948, Piero Martelli was able to see an opportunity to expand the brand. This year, the time of innovations and economic growth allows the brand to pull out his cream pre-shave. Totally innovative, this is a new product, fresh and high quality.

Over time, Proraso develops more products that are essential to the maintenance of the beard. They are true Italian classics whose formulation is based on natural ingredients.

Today, Proraso continues to expand thanks to its expertise of more than 100 years of know-how and passion.

The issue of Proraso ? Propose professional products and qualities for a great shave and comfortable, in the barber shop or at home !

4 ranges for all types of beard

Green Range

The first range developed by Proraso provides a shaving tricky and fees for all types of beard ! Enriched with eucalyptus and menthol, the products have an effect invigorating and refreshing ! The skin is soft before during and after shaving.

Range White

Aware that the razor attacks and degrades the quality of the skin, Proraso have developed a range designed for sensitive skin. With A base of green tea and oats, it soothes the skin and calms the redness and irritation. Shaving becomes a real enjoyable time !

Range Red

If you have the full beard and thick, this range is made for you ! A base of sandalwood and shea butter, your beard is intensely nourished and prepared to shave.

Range Blue

You want a close, comfortable shave ? Opt for the range blue at base ofaloe vera and vitamin E tomoisturize and protect your skin. This range is suitable for all types of skin and beard !

A brand prized by professional

Proraso does not stop in so good way... The brand evolves to products professionals and for professionals ! The range of the Single Blade is designed from formulas and fragrances that are innovative, with rich textures for a shaving of high quality. The range includes different scents : Wood and Spice, Azure and Lime, Cypress & Vetiver, each one bringing its nuance and character of its own.

In addition to professional care, the brand has developed a number of accessories intended for barbers who choose the quality and the traditional.

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Fondée en 1908 à Florence, Proraso est LA marque en matière de soins pour la barbe. Ainsi, elle accompagne les hommes au quotidien dans l\'entretien de leur barbe.