The average lifespan of your lashes is 90 days. They reach their maximum size after 15 days. With Revitalash, your lashes are conditioned for more than 45 consecutive days !

They appear thicker, elongated and darker. Revitalash and Revitabrow are trademarks n°1 dedicated to the revitalization of eyelashes and eyebrows, for results to be two times more impact.

Our favourite : Revitabrow, because it allows you to achieve beautiful eyebrows provided to Cara Delevingne.

Revitalash, it is the brand avant-garde cosmetic. This brand was born from the love of Michael Brinkenhoff, ophthalmologist, as the door to his wife, who was recovering from breast cancer. The chemotherapy had little by little damaged his eyelashes, eyebrows and hair by making them thin, brittle and fragile.


Products Revitalash accompany and rebuild the eyelashes, the eyebrows and the hair already present, in order to give them all their vitality. This innovative brand has already conquered the whole world and its virtues reconstructrices are not to prove !


The entire collection, which includes RevitaLash Advanced, RevitaBrow Advanced, Hair Advanced by RevitaLash and ReGenesis by RevitaLash actively supports the charities battling against cancer and all the packaging of the brand bearing the logo Eco-coalition obtained for the packaging 100% recyclable.


LANAÏKA offers you a range of products that will allow you to rebuild your hair, your eyelashes and your eyebrows to where the bulb is already existing. The serum conditioner eyebrows and lashes are two products cosmetics of the brand Revitalash. These are the products that you need if you want to magnify your eyebrows and your eyelashes ! These sera the redraw and reinforce them.

The gel, tinted brows, you can, after the reconstruction of the hairs that already exist, to draw them in perfectly for a have a curve of the eyebrows perfect !


Revitalash also offers mascaras volumizing and a range around the hair. Targeted serum, spray, shampoo and conditioner, the brand does everything it can to rebuild your thin hair and thinning. With a duration of approximately 3 to 4 months, the treatments of the brand have a multitude of positive feedback on the performance of the products.


For a booster and rebuilder, do not hesitate any more and take Revitalash !

LANAÏKA is the distributor Revitalash authorized. He is also a distributor ReGenesis approved.
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