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The lip care expert

For more than a century, the brand Rosebud Perfum Company takes care of the lips of millions of americans !

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Founded in 1895 by Dr. Smith, this small company began as a pharmacy. First born on a small farm in Maryland, he quickly realized that it was not intended to work the land. After you have began many studies, he got his teaching degree and is married to Minnie F. Bear, a resident local. He taught in Frederick county for nearly five years, before deciding to pursue his desire to become a pharmacist.

On the advice of some of his friends and clients, this father of a family of eight children, formula is a special balm, the "Smith's Balsam of Rosebuds", later renamed " Smith's Rosebud Salve ". This ointment was very appreciated for its capacity to deal with a lot of small minor irritation of the skin. Some time later, he became aware of its great popularity within the small town of Woodsboro, Maryland. So he began to advertise its products in newspapers of sensation throughout the country. In a few years, he managed to organize one of the largest network of sales by correspondence of the history of the United States. A few years later, car enthusiast and music got rid of its old pharmacy in order to settle in the old Smith Hotel to sell the products Rosebud.

A careful work in the perfume

During his life, Dr. George F. Smith was the director of the Commercial State Bank of Frederick, Maryland, for five years. He remained mayor of the town of Woodsboro for nearly nineteen years and also worked within the Woodsboro Savings Bank for fifteen years, and until his death. For almost one hundred years, the scent of the various oils of roses used by Smith remained impregnated in the walls of the Rosebud Building.

In a tube, pot, strawberry, rose, eucalyptus, or tangerine, lip balms Rosebud Perfume Company hydrateront your lips, leave it soft and delicately scented. The packaging looks old-school and vintage can be easily stowed in a purse or even a pocket. If the brand Rosebud Perfume Company has been able to persist in time, it is thanks to the quality of its products which are now sold throughout the world.


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