SMILE Carbon

Coal, natural that takes care of your teeth !

This brand is 100% natural helps whiten your teeth even more effectively than baking soda, try the experiment and judge for yourself ! Products SMILE Carbon Coconut provide impressive results from the very first days of use. Farewell the task of coffee, tooth decay due to sweets and chewing gum and hello teeth white and shiny as the hollywood stars !

The activated carbon of coconut balances out the pH of your mouth so you get a breath more healthy and pleasant by polishing your teeth in order to give the appearance of perfectly smooth and shiny. The activated charcoal acts on the colour of your teeth by absorbing the tasks that are more stubborn, such as those due to coffee or sweets , for example. Its content of Bentonite Clay detoxifies your mouth and reminéralise completely your teeth for a healthy mouth and dazzling.

The whitening kit connected allows a teeth whitening fast to the people most eager to have a smile of stars. Thanks to its three pens containing a whitening gel is very easy to use. The LED lamp is connected directly to your phone to use original and fun.

The whitening strips are the novelty of the trade mark SMILE Carbon. They apply easily on the surface external of your teeth. Wait for 30 minutes, during which you can go about your business. Ideal to take with you everywhere, and find yourself a dazzling white smile anywhere.

The other novelty SMILE Carbon this is the toothpaste to coal coconut. Its formula without fluoride, you can have whiter teeth and this naturally ! Use the minimum 2 times a day and get whiter teeth in just a few weeks !

Regardless of your desire in the field of tooth whitening, you will find necessarily one that works for you at SMILE Carbon !

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SMILE Carbon
Le blanchiment dentaire 100% naturel au charbon de coco !