With 60 years of expertise, Talika has established itself as THE brand that has revolutionized the care of eyelashes.

Repigment, stimulate the shoot, curl, lengthen your eyelashes... everything is possible thanks to their range of care whose effectiveness and tolerance are recognized in the world.

Coup de coeur : The Lipocils, for its formula is 97% natural, its gel texture is lightweight and allows makeup after application. Its effectiveness is clinically proven.

The French brand renowned

Talika is an innovative brand that has developed over the years a range of products that meet the expectations of modern women. Based on natural ingredients, Talika is the promise of products with visible results. The brand focuses on the growth of eyebrows and eyelashes in order to stimulate hair regrowth, curl and accentuate their pigmentation ! With its creation in 1948, Talika is THE brand that has revolutionized the care of eyelashes and eyebrows.

The story begins in 1948, Danielle Roches, a medical doctor specialist eye Hospitals of Paris, which treats war-wounded, burned at eye level. She makes a cream bactericidal containing extracts of plants with properties very special ! In fact, in addition to cure, it turns out that she has, as a secondary effect to stimulate the regrowth of eyebrows and eyelashes. It is through this discovery that Danielle Roche founded the company bearing his name and spécialisée in the growth and beautifying of the eyebrows and eyelashes. Over the years, the society is changing, and many stars and models use the flagship product of the brand : Talika Lipocils.

Specialist in eyelash and eyebrow

Talika Lipocils promises in effect to the eyelashes naturally longer and thicker after 28 days only ! Composed of a complex of 5 plants, this is THE care, 97% natural and dermatologically tested, to have to take care of these lashes ! The other flagship product of the brand is Liposourcils, gel for the growth of eyebrows. The line is naturally redesigned to look very glamorous. The eyebrows are thicker and denser in just 28 days !

Talika is also developed on the segment of the face and of the body including the Bust High&C that allows you to enhance the chest and the care Zero stretch marks and prevents the appearance of stretch marks to get your skin more toned and more flexible. Last novelty, the Free Skin. Inspired by the discoveries of NASA on the properties of the therapeutic wavelengths, this device eliminates blemishes, without any trace or side effects, in order to obtain a zero defect skin. The blue light is antibacterial and anti-shine while the red light is anti-redness, regenerating and anti-brand post-buttons ! A real revolution !

Succumb to the brand Talika-end offer efficiency and quality to your face and your body !

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Soins visage et corps cosméceutique

La marque Talika s’est spécialisée dans le regard en proposant des produits de soins pour les yeux très performants. Anti-cernes, anti-rides, anti-âge, peeling, crèmes et gels pour le contour des yeux, démaquillants ou encore lotions, gamme démaquillante… Autant de produits pour le démaquillage et de soins hydratants pour prendre soin de votre regard tout en le sublimant. Talika propose également toute une gamme de crèmes hydratantes, nourrissantes, raffermissantes et amincissantes pour prendre soin de la peau sensible de votre visage et de votre décolleté. À combiner avec les produits nettoyants et moussants pour avoir une peau resplendissante. Vous trouverez également des produits exfoliants qui laisseront votre peau toute douce tout en limitant les irritations.

Et puisque prendre soin de soi peut aller de paire avec se faire du bien, Talika propose également toute une gamme de maquillage soin dont la couvrance est modulable pour vous offrir un soin parfait.