Vita Liberata

The brand autobronzante 100% natural !

Vita Liberata is a brand ofsunless tanners and skin care.
Created by the irish Alison Hogg in 2007, Vita Liberata provides natural products non-toxic, no fragrance, no parabens, no perfume, no alcohol and almost 100% organic.

The creators of Vita Liberata are passionate specialists in the tanning of luxury and the care of the skin. Thanks to the hydration system incorporated into their products, your skin remains hydrated for 72h in contrast to sunless tanning products to conventional.

The products, formulated from organic ingredients and natural dry instantly on the skin : no tasks or crocodile skin, your skin is tanned AND moisturized !

Your skin is moisturized,tanned, and when the tan fades, it fades naturally, without leaving traces !

* The self tanner does not protect skin against UV rays. It is necessary to apply sunscreen when exposure to the sun.

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Vita Liberata
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