The success of the semi-permanent makeup

The brand Wunder2 upsets the universe's make-up thanks to its leading-edge innovations.

His best selling book ? The Wunderbrow, a revolutionary product that all the models are snapped up. It allows you to have eyebrows that are provided and drawn in a minute, and stands between 3 and 4 days, thanks to its make-up a semi-permanent basis. Finished the micro-pigmentations or the eyebrow pencil, which flows in the middle of the day. Your eyebrows are drawn and elegant for a long time. Cara Delevingne might not be better ! You are canon in less than two minutes top chrono.

Their scientific expertise has also invented many cosmetics in order to facilitate the daily lives of all women.

The Wunderlift, a serum with advanced anti-ageing, reduces your dark circles, and wrinkles from the first minute of application. You look 10 years younger in 3 minutes, true !

Lashes multiplied

The 2 mascaras Wunderextensions are specially formulated to care for your lashes and strengthen them, but also to give volume and extreme length.

The foundation Coverproof will transform your routine make-up. Finished the complexion of winter, and bleak, these foundations developed through the technology Tri-Plex long-term give back to your skin an even skin tone for a duration of 24 hours minimum.

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Wunder 2 , la marque qui révolutionne le maquillage semi-permanent !