The japanese brand renowned

Famous for its cream, Yu-Be fight against dry skin since the past 60 years.

It is in 1957, the pharmacist japanese Yoshikiyo Nowatari has discovered the secret of the perfect cream to hydrate the skin in depth without leaving a fatty residue : the alliance of glycerin, camphor, vitamin E and B2, with a manufacturing process specially developed.

Yu-Be has become one of the care products the most sold in Japan. The extraordinary cream therapy is now available all over the world, and has recently made its entry into France !

Products Yu-Be can effectively heal the areas that are the most rough, dry patches of your body. In particular, the hands, elbows, knees and feet. They also protect your skin from external aggressions.

It is his content is unique in glycerine, obtained through a process of manufacturing special and top secret, which makes Yu-Be so effective and sets it apart from other creams.

Yu-Be has expanded its range with lip balms and scrubs.

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