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The High Caliber Lash of the Sigma Beauty brand will open your eyes. It goes lengthen considerably your eyelashes by thickening them also. Light long life warranty (+ 13 hours)!

To you the look of DOE!

For whom? All those who want long and voluminous lashes.

Operating tips: The eyes entre-ouverts, apply the mascara from the root of the lashes to their tip. You can also use the tip of the brush to apply more color to where you want.

The + product: Resistant to water, to tears, it takes more than 13 hours. 

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The High Caliber Lash of the Sigma Beauty brand is perfect for those who wish to open their eyes and lengthen their lashes in a manner optimal gardan while a natural effect.

His brush is straight and closed to considerably lengthen your lashes over a long period. His form right, regularly spaced, Helix was made to pull the lashes up to get a maximum length of eyelashes.

Essential, it will give your look the impression of eyelashes well supplied while the effectively nourishing with vitamin B5 it contains. 

This mascara is not crumbling and no runs.


Sigma Beauty - is in constant expansion, and the development of his line of cosmetics is perfect fitting with quality top of range of brushes and patented accessories. 

As for its accessories and innovative gadgets, Sigma has made the bet to launch a cosmetics range of quality large and perfect colours and shades. 

Beauty addicts will be delighted to discover that each cosmetic product Sigma is unique. They have been developed, tested and perfected by experts in makeup. 
Sigma is today leader of the PANTONE colors, because its colours and original shades that have made its reputation.

Paraben and sulfate-freethe Sigma Beauty mark is committed, and does no testing on animals.

Sigma Beauty
The expert professional makeup brushes Sigma Beauty is the american brand's innovative, recognized for its line of makeup brushes but also for her make-up. The brand was created in 2009 by two native brazilians, Rene Xavier Filho, a civil engineer with a Master's degree in Business Administration and Simone Xavier, a veterinarian and...
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