Lotion Mineral for the body - Cactus and Pink Pepper - Ahava Expand


Lotion Mineral for the body - Cactus and Pink Pepper - AHAVA


The lotion mineral ofAhava for the body combines the benefits of the Sap of Cactus and the essence of Pink Pepper, while preserving the use of Dead Sea minerals, for a feeling of extreme comfort.

Who is it for ? All skin types, even the most sensitive.

The councils of use : Apply on the whole body once per day.

Active principles :

- The sap of Cactus and Dead Sea Minerals : Anti-oxidants that are natural, soothing and purifying.

- Extracts of Pink Pepper : Energizing.

Capacity : 250 ml.

More details

28,00 €

The lotion mineral ofAhava is a milk moisturizer that helps brighten and protect your skin for the day.

It combines the virtues of minerals from water magic of the Dead Sea with a sweet scent of Cactus and Pink Pepper. Its light texture offers quick absorption to hydrate you in depth without wasting time. This unique treatment nourishes your skin while illuminating.

Enriched with the Osmoter™, this lotion permeates the skin of the lower layers up to the epidermis.

ScentCactus, Pink Pepper
FeaturesAntioxidant, Moisturizer, Feeding, Softening
Scents AHAVADead Sea Water
TexturesMilks and Creams
GenreWoman, Man
Skin TypesNormal Skin, Combination Skin, Oily Skin, Dry Skin, Sensitive skin, Dehydrated skin, Tan
By using all the resources of the Dead Sea and its surroundings , Ahava manufactures products and skin treatments to the Sludge and Mineral Salts are 100% natural. Used for centuries, the products AHAVA repair and soothe the skin more dry and sensitive. Our favourite : The natural Mud of the dead sea, AHAVA , extremely rich in...
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