Night cream

Night cream

The base cream is an essential beauty. It can moisturize deeply the skin, to bring him all the water missing in the skin and prevent its evaporation. For a deep hydration, it is important to use a day cream to prepare the skin to the vagaries of the day. But not only that ! The night cream also has its importance.
In fact, once back home with you after a long day, you may notice that your skin has been torn and mauled by the little annoyances of the day. And no matter what your skin type : dry, oily, mixed, normal, or marked, there will always be a cream made for you.
Once démaquillée, follow diligently your night cream with small circular movements in order to make well penetrate the product. The cream will respond perfectly to the needs of your thirsty skin. She completes the cleaning, the will soften and give him / her the inputs necessary for the night to come.

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