Powder cleanser, papain Enzyme Powder Wash - Tosowoong Expand


Powder cleanser, papain Enzyme Powder Wash - Tosowoong


A base of papain, this facial cleansing powder will rid the skin of impurities deep in the scrub gently.

The + product : A smooth and soft skin thanks to Enzymes the product !

Tips for use : Pour a little powder in the palm of your hand is wet beforehand. Lather until the seeds are dissolved. Apply on the face and clean. For more efficiency, use the brush, Tosowoong, and perform circular movements.

Capacity : 70g

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The Enzyme Powder Wash brand Tosowoong warn and removes the imperfections in everyday life.

Also cleaner a gel or as an exfoliant for the skin, this powder has the special feature of leaving the skin as soft as a cream.

By using it with the cleaning brush for the face of the same brand, you double its effectiveness for skin always soft and clear.

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