Candle ambience Femme Fatale 300 g - Original Sin - PAÑPURI Expand


Candle ambience Femme Fatale 300 g - Slice of Cake - PAÑPURI


The candle of atmosphere Woman Fatal Slice of Cake scent your interior and plunges your living space in an atmosphere of subtle and sensual.

Council of use : Turn it on at least 7 hours in a row during the first use until the bed is formed, in order to avoid a consumption too fast and the candle after that.

Capacity : 300 g (90h broadcast)

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This candle is the unique stylish design will dress your interior and bring a touch of sophistication.

Immerse yourself in a warm cozy and sensual and let yourself be lulled by the scent of black currant and roses, peonies and lilacs.

This candle comes in the range Femme Fatale of Pañpuri, inspired by the female figures are strong and have marked the spirits. Slice of Cake is inspired by Marie-Antoinette, the famous queen of France and wife of king Louis XVI.

12 o'clock of consumption.

Do not let the reach of children. Never leave a candle burn unattended. For optimal use, cut a quarter of the wick before each use. Also, make sure that the wick remains straight. It is recommended to let the candle continue to burn between 2 and 6 o'clock to each use.

ScentJasmine, Peppermint, Ylang Ylang
FeaturesRelaxing, Air freshener
GenreWoman, Man
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