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Shower Gel - the Rose of Morocco - REN Skincare


Shower gel Moroccan Rose REN is exceptional because it contains the Oil of Rose Damascena , which is one of the essential oils the most requested in the world and one of the most expensive.

Council of use : To use as a shower gel, in the shower and in the bath.

The + product : perfectly Suitable for all types of skins.

Capacity : 200 ml.

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Shower gel Moroccan Rose REN offers a sweet amazing and refined thanks to the Oil of Rose Damascena, one of the essential oils are the most prized and the most expensive in the world.

The oil of Rose Damascena is also known as the'Oil of Rose of Damascus. It provides a fragrance enchanting, captivating and pure.

The shower gel is distilled from the petals of roses, it is beneficial for dry skin but also for sensitive skin.

It offers a light texture and fresh during its application and also provides you a toilet spotless.

GenreWoman, Man
Skin TypesSensitive skin, Dry Skin
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