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Finishing Spray - Moulding, Spray - SachaJuan


Take control of all your hairstyles with the finishing spray SachaJuan. It allows you to bring texture and thickness to your hair to help you achieve all kinds of hairstyles. After application, your hair will have more hold but seem hard or sticky. They are gaining in volume and thickness. With the finishing spray SachaJuan, your hairstyles stay in place longer.

Who is it for ? Those who have thin hair, or whose hairstyles need to be held.

Council of use : shake Well and spray 20cm from the hair.

The + product : A spray multi-function that allows you to perform a multitude of hairstyles.

Capacity : 78g

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22,00 €

The finishing spray SachaJuan is a modeling tool that allows you to make the hair more malleable. After application, the hair is textured, more dense, as-coated material. The finishing spray SachaJuan allows it to take off the roots to add volume to the hair while giving the hair may be too thin after the shampoo. It is ideal to bring the outfit to your hairstyles while providing a natural and flexible. You can also use the finishing spray SachaJuan for a look effect " back beach ". This spray allows you to ruffling the lengths without weighing it down or give it an effect card that unsightly. Your hair is shiny but not sticky, and retain all their flexibility. Apply directly on dry hair for a satin finish. If you want to get a more lightweight, take a small amount of product in the palms of your hands and then apply throughout your hair by smoothing. You can also target the flyaways by applying the product only on the areas of your choice at your fingertips. The finishing spray SachaJuan also protects your hair against the effects of moisture, UV and heat.

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