Pack - Luxury- dental Whitening - SMILE Carbon

This pack of luxury, that is optimal for your dental whitening contains :

- 1 Kit dental bleaching LED light - Treatment of a 16-minute - SMILE-Carbon

- Activated carbon - tooth Whitening natural 30g - SMILE Carbon

- Toothpaste - Perfect White Black Sensitive - Beverly Hills Formula

- 1 Toothbrush the Bamboo-Charcoal - Green-water - SMILE Carbon

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152,90 €

Discover the whitening kit dental SMILE CARBON. Composed of a splint universal LED USB light, 3 pens, gel of whitening agent, and a color map, this kit is perfect for all people wishing to find a dazzling white smile in a few minutes. Without hydrogen peroxide, it whitens the teeth without awareness of, or damage to the enamel.

Who is it for ? Those who want to whiten the teeth.

Council of use : Brush your teeth.
Apply the whitening gel.
Connect the gutter LED to your smartphone and then place it in your mouth.
Turn on the light to start the bleaching process.
After 16 minutes, rinse your mouth. Repeat the operation until obtaining the desired result.

The + of the product ?

Whitening Gel without peroxide of hydrogen.
Timer to 16 minutes integrated.
Gutter connected that connects to your smartphone ! (Compatible With Iphone & Android)

Forget the baking soda and the bars to smile ! Thanks to the whitening kit, LED SMILE Carbon, find yourself a dazzling white smile and without spot in just 16 minutes. Usable at home, there is no pain and no awareness not the teeth nor the gums. Without hydrogen peroxide, it does not damage the enamel. Thanks to its swatches, you can compare at a glance your colors before and after !

Product not recommended for pregnant women and children under the age of 12 years.

Composition : Propylene Glycol, Glycerol, Deionized Water, Carbomer, Carboxymethyl, Sodium Phytate, Triethanolamine, Polyvinylpyrrolidone, Menthol, Mica.

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GenreWoman, Man

Your teeth are yellow, dull or stained, you want to find whiter teeth naturally... do Not hesitate any more and fall for the powder whitening SMILE Carbon ! Made from 100% natural ingredients, such as charcoal coconut, orange peel, or mint, it whitens and polishes the teeth, while removing dental plaque. You will find a bright smile and earn up to 3 shades whiter in just 12 days.

Tested and approved by the French laboratories, the powder SMILE Carbon does not damage the tooth enamel and raises awareness of not teeth.

Who is it for ? Those who wish to have white teeth and shiny instantly and naturally.

Council of use : brush teeth with coal SMILE Carbon about two hours after meals to detoxify and whiten your teeth effectively.

For your first use, we advise you to use every night before your teeth brushing traditional for 12 days. Then, use this as a treatment, 1 to 2 times per week.

The + product : Coal completely natural whitens teeth almost instantly.

Capacity : 30 gr.

This activated charcoal helps to rebalance the pH in your mouth and fights tooth decay and gum disease. It also contains powdered bentonite clay which helps to remineralize your teeth and detoxify the buccal area.

  • Find whiter teeth with activated charcoal, odorless and without taste.

  • Rebalance the PH of your mouth.

  • Prevent tooth decay and diseases of the mouth.

  • Reminéralisez your teeth.

  • Detoxify your buccal area.

Active principles :

- Active carbon coconut : absorbs and eliminates the stains. Whitens and smoothens the dental plaque (and not the teeth enamel).

- Bentonite clay : reminéralise the teeth, strengthens enamel and eliminates the bacteria.

Product not recommended for pregnant women and children under the age of 12 years.

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FeaturesWhitening, Detoxifying, Polishing
LabelNatural Origin
GenreWoman, Man

The Toothbrush Charcoal Bamboo SMILE, Carbon is composed of bamboo in each of its hairs. Its content of the active carbon acts as a deodorizer and natural which fights bad breath and eliminates bacteria.

His hair is very soft allow a perfect combination with the active carbon that already has an effect polishing.

Who is it for ? Those who want a healthy mouth.

Usage tip : Use with the Active carbon Whitener natural teeth for optimum effectiveness.

The + product : hair composed of bamboo to the detoxifying properties and its pretty green handle water !

The Toothbrush Charcoal Bamboo SMILE, Carbon is the ideal tool for all those who wish to get a mouth perfectly healthy. His hairs will contain all of the charcoal of bamboo, which acts as a deodorizer and natural.

Have fresh breath and a healthy mouth has never been so simple with this brush to teeth-natural which combat the bad breath and eliminates harmful bacteria that accumulate between the teeth.

Its content in Bamboo Charcoal also helps remove plaque for a beautiful smile !

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FeaturesDetoxifying, Cleaner
LabelNatural Origin
GenreWoman, Man
Composed of active carbon plant, the Toothpaste to Coal SMILE Carbon can remove stains left by tea, coffee, red wine or tobacco. Offering your teeth a perfect hygiene, it neutralizes odors residual to give you a fresh breath all day. Gentle with the enamel and without fluoride, the toothpaste SMILE Carbon is additional to the powder of charcoal or even the whitening kit dental.

Who is it for ? For all those wishing to obtain naturally whiter teeth.

Usage tips : Brush your teeth after each meal, 2 to 3 times per day, according to the recommendations of your dentist. For a white, it is ideal with the powder of charcoal of coconut

Most product : This toothpaste is without fluoride !

Capacity : 100g.

Perfectly suited to everyday use, the Toothpaste at the Coal Plant SMILE Carbon is the ally whiteness of your smile ! Its formula without fluoride whiten your teeth gently and will not damage your gums.

Complementary to the powder of charcoal of coconut, strips of charcoal and whitening kits dental, it prolongs the whitening effect of daily. Also removing the dental plaque, it eliminates the bacteria for oral hygiene perfect and a hâleine cool at any time.

Perfect for smokers, drinkers of tea and coffee, or consumers of products spicy, its coal assets combat the tannins that stain your teeth while respecting your enamel.