Pack your Smile and the Black-Sensitive + Toothbrush Available Blue

A complete pack for a smile, ultra-bright !

This pack contains :

- 1 toothpaste with activated charcoal, Perfect White Black Sensitive Beverly Hills Formula (100ml)
- 1 jar of toothpaste powder of activated carbon of coconut SMILE Carbon (60gr)
- 1 toothbrush charcoal bamboo Blue SMILE Carbon

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82,00 €

This is an essential kit and complete to take care of your smile gentle and natural way. The dental whitening is no longer reserved for institutes of dental care. It is now possible to proceed to her routine alone, at home, and without damage to the teeth.

Toothpaste Perfect White Black Sensitive " Beverly Hills Formula is perfect for people who want a Hollywood smile, but does that not support the cold or the hot.

The "Perfect White Black Sensitive" promises you a bright smile without the slightest pain brushing !

It also contains activated charcoal to whiten effectively teeth.


Who is it for ? : All the people prone to sensitivities and dental who wish to have a bright smile.

The + product : Prevents the formation of tartar, relieves tooth sensitivity and provides a laundering high performance.

Capacity : 100 ml

Toothpaste Perfect White Black Sensitive" Beverly Hills Formula is ideal for people easily sensitive to hot, cold, brushing, acid and sweet.

It allows you to eat acidic ingredients as well as cold drinks without pain and while keeping a bright smile.

The Hydrated Silica is a component of the toothpaste that helps whiten the teeth and the Potassium Citrate helps decrease tooth sensitivity.

Perfect White Sensitive removes stains on teeth caused by tea, coffee, red wine, tobacco and spicy foods.

A regular use of this product will relieve your tooth sensitivity, while protecting and whitening your teeth.

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GenreWoman, Man
ColorWhite, Gold

The Active carbon of SMILE Carbon is a toothpaste whitening teeth innovative that offers a much more effective alternative to the baking soda. With its properties of adhesive natural, the charcoal binds with more resistant stains to remove them while getting rid of toxins accumulated in the surface of your teeth.

Who is it for ? Those who wish to have white teeth and shiny instantly.

Council of use : brush teeth with coal SMILE Carbon about two hours after meals to detoxify and whiten your teeth effectively.

For your first use, we advise you to use every night before your teeth brushing traditional for 12 days. Then, use it as you see fit.

The + product : Coal completely natural whitens teeth almost instantly.

Capacity : 60 gr.

Toothpaste with activated charcoal brand SMILE Carbon is a true remedy against yellow teeth, bad breath and bad effects of sweets or chewing gum on your teeth. Completely natural, this toothpaste whitens and cleans your teeth without the use of any chemical ingredient , such as in a toothpaste traditional.

This activated charcoal helps to rebalance the pH in your mouth and fights tooth decay and gum disease. It also contains powdered bentonite clay which helps to remineralize your teeth and detoxify the buccal area.

The product has associated with these assets, a hint of myrtle and lemon in order toact against the microbes and soothe the irritation of your gums.

Even if this may seem crazy, it is a real miracle cure that will give you a bright smile and radiant.

Product not recommended for pregnant women and children under the age of 12 years.

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FeaturesWhitening, Detoxifying, Polishing
LabelNatural Origin
GenreWoman, Man

The Toothbrush Charcoal Bamboo SMILE, Carbon is composed of bamboo in each of its hairs. Its content of the active carbon acts as a deodorizer and natural which fights bad breath and eliminates bacteria.

His hair is very soft allow a perfect combination with the active carbon that already has an effect polishing.

Who is it for ? Those who want a healthy mouth.

Usage tip : Use with the Active carbon Whitener natural teeth for optimum effectiveness.

The + product : hair composed of bamboo to the detoxifying properties and its pretty green handle water !

The Toothbrush Charcoal Bamboo SMILE, Carbon is the ideal tool for all those who wish to get a mouth perfectly healthy. His hairs will contain all of the charcoal of bamboo, which acts as a deodorizer and natural.

Have fresh breath and a healthy mouth has never been so simple with this brush to teeth-natural which combat the bad breath and eliminates harmful bacteria that accumulate between the teeth.

Its content in Bamboo Charcoal also helps remove plaque for a beautiful smile !

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FeaturesDetoxifying, Cleaner
LabelNatural Origin
GenreWoman, Man